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IPE Converter : utility conversion of InPad 1.0 stroke sets to InPad 2.0 layouts

Installation and usage notes

  • Download self extracting archive IPEConverter.exe from www.inpad.net.
  • Launch it to extract program files into chosen directory.
  • Download InPad 1.0 IPE file (e.g. default.ipe) to convert from your device's \Program Files\InPad directory. Place it to the directory where IPEConverter was installed.
  • Launch IPEConvert.exe /f <ipe file> (e.g. IPEConvert.exe /f default.ipe). Program will ask you to choose layout to export. Select desired layout (e.g. press 1 to extract Latin layout).
  • Program will create version 2.0 layout file: .la (e.g. latin.la).

To install new layout on your device:

  • Place layout file (e.g. latin.la) into \Program Files\Inpad2_0 directory on your Pocket PC.
  • Restart InPad 2.0 input method if it was selected (e.g. switch to keyboard and then back to InPad 2.0)
  • Select Options > Layouts tab.
  • Click Add... button and select copied layout from the list.
  • Layout is ready for use with InPad 2.0

After you have converted all necessary IPE files you can uninstall InPad 1.0 from your Pocket PC.

Please send your comments and bug reports on both InPad 2.0 and IPE Converter to: beta@inpad.net.

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