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Here we present examples how the keywheel may be used for design of controls for different electronic devices.

This is the cooktop control. It controls temperatures of four burners. To set the temperature touch the image of a burner and sweep around the center. CW sweeps increase temperature, CCW ones decrease it. The central button may lock/unlock the control. Single tap at burner image switch it on/off. The same pattern may be used for control of up to 4 light sources in a room.

This is the control for MP3 player. It controls volume, provides menu and track navigation.

This is the refrigerator/freezer control. Top and bottom zones at right control temperature, two zones at left provide access to different options for the refrigerator and the freezer.

This is another example of phone dial. To enter a digit touch one of 6 zones and make CW or CCW sweep of any lenght. The keypad may be implemented using a real rotary dial.

This is an example of microwave oven control. Sweeps from the top position set the power, the bottom ones sets cooking time. Left and right positions provides an access to different modes ( popcorn, defrost ... ) and options ( signal, locks, ...).

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